Village Officials
Sadorus, Illinois
Village Hall
P.O. Box 109
Sadorus, Illinois  61872
(217) 598-2255

Village Office
Other Responsibilities
Office Holder Phone Number
President of the Board of Trustees (Mayor)
Water Department
John Deedrick (217) 369-2630
Village Trustee
Jim Thompson (217) 598-2288
Village Trustee
Economic Development
M. Hall  
Village Trustee
Village Trustee
Dave Lancaster (217) 598-2292
Village Trustee
Streets, Alleys and Sidewalks
Village Trustee
Information Technology
Dennis Wicks (217) 598-2271
Village Clerk Peggy Thompson (217) 898-2288
Village Treasurer Sindy Henry  
Freedom of Information Act Officer Peggy S. Thompson (217) 898-2288
Zoning Administrator Rick Turner (217) 841-1176

Sadorus, Illinois, has a Board of Trustee form of government. Village Trustees are elected at-large, as is the President of the Board of Trustees, popularly known as the Mayor. Village Clerk, Village Treasurer and Zoning Administrator are appointed positions.

Village Board Meeting Schedule

Board Meetings are held at
Sadorus Village Hall
115 East Market Street
Sadorus, Illinois
Meetings start at 7:00PM
January 7 - Wednesday July 1 - Wednesday
February 4 - Wednesday August 5 - Wednesday
March 4 - Wednesday September 2 - Wednesday
April 1 - Wednesday October 7 - Wednesday
May 6 - Wednesday November 4 - Wednesday
June 3 - Wednesday December 2 - Wednesday

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